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July 03, 2017 Written by

Dennis Krause is a 3rd year Bachelor student whose passion is computer security and hacking. Of course he took the chance to enroll in my Ethical Hacking course. However instead of solving the lab assignments Dennis spent the time to crack the complex hacking challenges monthly published by the German Cybersecurity Challenge (CSCG). Every year students from all over the country are asked to solve some tricky hacking challenges. Only the top 10 out of 567 participants were invited to compete in the finals.

Professors are normally 'not amused' when students do not follow the class. Dennis definitely did not. He was most of the time behind his laptop trying to solve the CSCG challenges. But hacking is not about reading books, it is also not about attending lectures. Rather hacking is about hands on work. You need to learn the tools and techniques. It's like going to the gym. Instead of pumping your muscles you train to compromise a computer system. Like the gym workout hacking requires much discipline, patience and passion. 

Congratulations, Dennis! All your hard work, endurance and frustration tolerance pays out. Well done and well deserved! The whole team crosses fingers for the finals !!!