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Hello World.

Our final semester draws to a close and so this project has to end as well. We have invested a lot of time and learned the magic behind the sidechannel-analysis. The ChipWhisperer from NewAE Technology is a well-made system to get into the basics of the most important Attacks. We have learned the basics about the Power Analysis, Timing Attacks and Glitching. We had to make ourselves familiar with cryptography, mathematic and statistic to use the information for getting access into the system and breaking the encryption algorithms.

After the basic tutorials we kept us busy with the advanced tutorials from NewAE Technology. They give us a deeper insight into the matter and better understandings in detail. In the third part we wanted to transfer our knowledge from the current measurement into a contactless use of the electromagnetic field, to break into a system without lay a hand on it is a good feeling. At least we organized a Rhode & Schwarz Oscilloscope to get our Data without the ChipWhisperer System. That was a hard one to find the right data with a right timing and structure the information suitable for our evaluation script.

With all this four parts of our project we expand our understanding in hardware security, electrical engineering and mathematic. We agreed that the time we have invested was worth the trouble even though the high amount of time in contrast to other possible projects. But we are all confident about the benefit for future projects and glad to execute this one. Two of us, Melf Martens and Thomas Carstensen, will now start a bachelor thesis about sidechannel-analysis with further mentoring from Prof. Dr.-Ing Sebastian Gajek. As second examinant we have the support from Jochen Stamp, a lecturer of the mathematic faculty.

Now we will see how well the project prepared us and if we are able to analyze a real system in an academic paper.

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