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This first tutorial prepared us for the following tutorials because it teaches basic knowledge of using the ChipWhisperer. You can find the tutorial here: Tutorial B1 - Building a SimpleSerial ProjectThe substance of this tutorial is how the communication of the ChipWhisperer-Lite and the proper target-board is working. 

First we started the ChipWhisperer Capture V2 software and connected the ChipWhisperer-Lite with the target board to one of our laptops. After that we did the settings as they were shown in the tutorial. For the scope and the target settings we have chosen simple serial. In scope settings and also in the target settings the ChipWhisperer-Lite was chosen as connection because in this tutorial we only wanted to understand how the connection is working.

After the settings were done we could build a connection to the master and we could apply some other settings. We set the CLKGEN at the Master and at the target to 7.37MHz to ensure that the clocks are equal on both devices. In fact that we can connect, we also had to switch the TX and RX pins because the AVR and the XMEGA have invers connections.

At this point we were able to program the ChipWhisperer with the Programmer Tool. We opened the tool and edited the simpleserial-base.hex and loaded it into the programmer and programmed it without issues onto the ChipWhisperer.

Now we could open the Encryption Status Monitor to ensure that the text in and the text out is equal to the expectations of the algorithm.

In conclusion to this tutorial we were a little bit confused as we saw that the text in and text out in the examples were not every time equal and there was no explanation if the algorithm was modified or not.

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