January 28, 2018 Written by Thomas Carstensen
Hello World. Our final semester draws to a close and so this project has to end as well. We have invested a lot of time and learned the magic behind the sidechannel-analysis. The ChipWhisperer from NewAE Technology is a well-made system to get into the basics of the most important Attacks. We have learned the basics about the Power Analysis, Timing Attacks and Glitching. We had to make ourselves familiar with cryptography, mathematic and statistic to use the information for getting access into the system and breaking the encryption algorithms. After the basic tutorials we kept us busy with the…

Breaking AES with an Oscilloscope

January 28, 2018 Written by Thomas Carstensen
The ChipWhisperer-Lite is a good platform to learn the basics of side channel attack. As we go further we need more power to break more applications and hardware. Our institute has a Rhode & Schwarz RTO 1022 digital oscilloscope with 2 GHz and 10GSa/s. Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Kruse who gave us the chance to use this device for our purpose. This digital oscilloscope (DSO) offers better performance than the ChipWhisperer and the option to save the data on an USB flash drive to calculate on a PC. Illustration 1: Measure setup with Oszilloskop Illustration 2: Measure setup In…

Breaking AES with a HF-Probe

January 26, 2018 Written by Thomas Carstensen
The stuff which was delivered with our ChipWhisperer-Lite also includes a HF-probe. We were interested in using this probe because all of us have courses in electromagnetic compatibility. So in the first step we tried to switch the SMA measuring line to the HF-probe with the small amplifier. Illustration 1: Measurement setup with HF probe As you can see in the illustration 1, the HF-probe is connected to the amplifier which is then connected to the measure port. The target is connected to the ChipWhisperer as usual. The small box on the top is the power supply for the amplifier.…
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